Frequently Asked Questions

If my county is not listed on the "Counties Funded List" does that mean I am ineligible to apply? As long as your organization is a 501(c) 3 located within the state of Indiana and meeting all other grant criteria, we welcome your application.

What exactly is a capital expense vs. operating expense?

    Capital expenditure: Generally, a one-time purchase of an asset that will improve or assist your organization in the long-term and hold its value for an extended period of time. This could be the purchase of equipment or property or an upgrade to existing assets. Examples include, but are not limited to: computers, playground equipment, medical equipment, a storage shed, etc. SIA Foundation Grants must be used for capital expenditure.
    Operating expense: Generally, a day-to-day business expense that does not retain value or improve the value of the organization over the long-term. Operating expenses can include both items and services. Examples include, but are not limited to: salaries, catering, paper, ink cartridges or toner, cell phone or internet service, supplies, subscriptions, disposable items, etc. SIA Foundation Grants can not be used for operating expenses.

My organization was not chosen this grant cycle. What can I do to improve my application for the next grant cycle? Make sure that you have provided all necessary required financial documentation. Also, make sure you are specific, clear and communicate how the project will tie in with your organization’s mission and impact a large number of people. The grant awards are very competitive and the more unique and wide-spread a project is the better.

What if our organization is hosting a fundraising event and we need sponsors to help cover the costs? SIA Foundation Grants can not be used for fundraising events, as the purchases generally fall under operating expenses. Non-profit organizations may submit an application requesting a corporate gift or sponsorship from SIA.